Cayman Islands has a host of locations to stay at depending on your budget and entertainment requirements. However, one common theme runs through all of the island and that is casual dress. You will see executives in khakis and button downs to cut off shorts and t-shirts. Sunscreen is also a must, being close to the equator Cayman Islands sun is stronger than that in the states.


Seven Mile Beach has the largest amount of accommodations and is the closest to beach, entertainment, shopping and dining facilities. However, if you want luxury, then book a room at George Town or Kens Seafire Resort Spa Residences. Both of these facilities offer many options besides just the usal condominiums, beach houses, and bed and breakfasts.


The entire island caters to the island experience. Most anywhere you can find aquatic activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, private boat tours around the island. For those that just want to relax there are many drinking tours such as the rum distillery and brewery tour where you get to samples many of the local flavors, learn how they are made, and then hang out on Seven Mile beach to soak up some sun.

If drinking is not your thing, then you can take one of the many food tours offered. One in particular is Cayman food tours where they cater to cruise ship customers. They offer free tasting of some of their 3 star cuisine.
They Cayman Island offers many other amenities such as museums. There is an art museum located in George Town and the Cayman Maritime museum located also in George Town.

So come on down to the Cayman Islands, there is something for everyone from scuba to just laying on the beach to soak up some rays. Bring your sandals, swim suit and sunglasses. Who knows, you might see Orlando Bloom or Bill Paxton, both have been spotted here. If you forget you toothbrush we can accommodate that too.