The San Diego real estate market has begun recovering its vitality in recent months. For those who have always wanted to enter the field of real estate sales, now is a good time to put those plans into action.

Many people like Than Merrill ( entered the market by buying, refurbishing and reselling homes at a profit. Known as wholesaling or flipping, this process has created many successful realtors in the past. One of the keys to this success is having the right skills before you start.

Fortunately, there are successful people who want to help others find the same kind of satisfaction and financial rewards. Before you take the plunge into real estate, learn the tricks of the trade from an experienced teacher, avoid common pitfalls and maximize your investment.

No matter how the top teachers get their message out, the very best share a core set of values. The leading wholesale teaching firms emphasize three key ingredients: education, inspiration and leadership.

Potential real estate professionals no longer need to watch a Saturday morning television promotional spot to learn the secrets of successful investing. The top wholesaling teachers not only offer online instructional content but also printed and digital media books for home instruction.

While in-person classroom seminars are still very popular, today’s real estate wholesaling teachers provide instructional content through online videos, many of which can be found on YouTube. Others offer instruction through PowerPoint slide presentation or text-based content.

The top wholesaling firms also emphasize coaching of new recruits by experienced professional staff. One-on-one guidance is a key ingredient in new-agent success. Realtors with several years of professional experience are often the very best teachers.

The top San Diego real estate wholesaling teachers make a point of celebrating their students’ victories and achievements, using financial incentives along with more public recognition such as student videos, blog posts on company websites and promotional posts on social media sites.

Public recognition also delivers another message to students. Flourishing financially is a good thing. Teaching and leading others only amplify the results of achievement. A personal investment in the success of existing and future team members comes to matter as much as personal financial achievement.

Top San Diego real estate wholesaling teachers know that there is more at stake than their own personal success. Ensuring the success of their students improves the real estate profession in years to come.