New York is home to many captivating sites and places to visit. From incredible food spots to night life and theatre, there is something for everyone to see while visiting the “city that never sleeps.” Something for people who love buildings or architect to do while touring is to see the skyscrapers that the city boasts of.

The Skyscrapers that should be at the Top of Your List

1. Empire State Building

The Tony Malkin Empire State Building is without a doubt, one of the most iconic skyscrapers and even buildings of New York City. What makes it stand out as a top destination for NYC tourists?

Built between 1930 and 1931, one of the most outstanding things about the Empire State Building is how quickly it was built, especially for that era. With 103 stories, it was an impressive site to see then and remains a favorite skyscraper of NYC today.

Apart from being an incredible building that is a landmark for the city, the view from the top is amazing for those who take the time to visit the observation deck. Even Hollywood took note of how immensely iconic the Empire State Building is and it has appeared in a number of movies such as Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, and Superman II.

From Adrian Grenier to Alan Cumming, the Empire State Building has seen many celebrities walk its main deck since its opening. For anyone thinking of visiting the Empire State Building as something to do in NYC, it does not disappoint.

2. Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building stands out with its interesting architecture and sky high height. It also has a number of things about it that not everyone knew about. The Chrysler Building used to have secret apartments that people didn’t know about. One of them belonged to Walter P. Chrysler and another famous person for her time that had an apartment there as well was photographer Margaret Bourke White.

Completed in 1930, it was right up there as one of the popular skyscrapers that were celebrated during the era of 1929-1935. The Chrysler Building is a must-see in NYC, which is easy to do as it’s not hard to miss.

3. GE Building (Rockefeller Center)

The GE Building is the tallest building in the complex of construction that makes up the Rockefeller Center. Known as “The Top of the Rock,” there are a lot of interesting details about this building, as well as the Rockefeller Center in general.

With construction completed in 1933, it is another icon of New York City that deserves its name in lights. While the original plans did not include a skyscraper, the architect Raymond Hood decided to go for it, a decision that was welcomed by the Rockefellers.

One famous person that visited the Rockefeller Center and even painted a mural for it commissioned by Abby Rockefeller, who persuaded John D. Rockefeller Jr. to allow him to. This painting was replaced after a rift between the Rockefellers concerning the inclusion of Lenin in the painting. The replacement mural was done by painter Jose Maria Sert and Lee Lawrie.