There are quite a few famous famous skyscrapers in New York City has have famous visitors. This article has a look at those who visit each skyscraper, and there is a talk about celebrity neighbors. Several people live in Trump Tower, and the celebrities visit other places around the city that are not far away. The city is rife with beautiful buildings and people, and they often come together in one package.

#1: Trump Tower

Janet Jackson, Donald Trump and Bruce Willis have apartments at Trump Tower, and they act as celebrity neighbors who move around the city as they go about their careers. They find their way to other parts of the city that are quite a lot of fun, and they help create a celebrity culture in the city that sees famous people on every corner at all hours of day and night.

#2: The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is home to government offices, famous businesses and is visited by celebrities such as Trump, Jackson and Malkin. Those who are passing by the building know of its rich history, and they learn the building has a feeling of a place that comes from another time. It has not been the tallest building in the world for some time, but it is still one of the most-iconic. It plays host to celebrities every day, and it helps those celebrities be seen because everyone in the city is interested in the building.

#3: Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower is the new building that celebrities such as Bruce Willis and Janet Jackson visited on its opening. They wanted to be seen there because it is a new part of New York history, and they wanted to know of this place for themselves. It is a massive building that is playing host to new tenants every day. It holds all the hope of the city in its walls, and it was created to help replace the World Trade Center. The Trade Center towers were iconic in their own right, and they hosted one of the most-regarded restaurants in the world.

The buildings of New York City that host celebrities such as Janet Jackson, Donald Trump and Bruce Willis create celebrity neighbors, and they have grown a city that is exciting for everyone to visit. The buildings were made to help the world’s busiest city remain active, and they keep the city active.