New York City is not dubbed the Big Apple for nothing as it has a bit of everything. Among its greatest possessions are awesome skyscrapers, and standing out among them is the Empire State Building.

A visit to New York City is considered incomplete without visiting the Empire State Building. The entrance fees are quite high, and the long queues are disheartening, but still, thousands of people flock to get a glimpse of the most famous building in the world. Presidents have set foot on it, and thousands of movie stars and musicians have featured it in their works.

Here is an overview of what the Empire State Building is really like.

New York City’s Observatory

The ESRT Empire State Building rises 1,250 feet in the air and has a total number of 102 floors—there is a secret 103rd floor, apparently, but few people ever get to go there. There are two observation decks: one on the 86th floor and another on the 102nd floor.

Most people settle for the 86th floor because of the long queues. The view is spectacular from here as observers can see up to 80 miles on a clear day. There are powerful binoculars installed for observers, but most people prefer to bring their own for the convenience of it. Inarguably, New York City doesn’t look much better than from 1,050 above.

However, the ultimate experience comes from the 102nd floor. It takes longer to get there, but for many people, it is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many people also prefer to pay more for an express ticket and get to skip the long queues.

The interior of the building is also spectacular. For instance, the ceiling of the lobby is designed after mechanics to honor the advances gained in technology. The building is also spectacular from outside especially at night when the lights come up to illuminate it.

Celebrities Love It

To date, it is estimated that the Empire State Building has featured in over 250 movies and countless songs. Numerous celebrities have also visited the building and posed for photos, but several have been more notable than others.

Most notably, the Empire State Building was featured in the classic adventure movie King Kong. The lead actress, Fay Ray (character name Ann Darrow) had visited the building many times before off camera. However, it was in her death that she was honored through the building when its lights went off for 15 minutes.