Social media has revolutionized the world of marketing like no other in recent times and has opened up tremendous opportunities for businesses to connect with people all over the world with very little effort. One business that has greatly benefited from social media is Real Estate.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram are among the most widely used platforms today. Every business knows the potential of social media today, and they all leverage it in their own way to engage with customers and their target market. Investors and Realtors can hugely benefit by using social media effectively to expand their business and clientele. Besides providing a presence in the digital world social media also gives the realtors an opportunity to build their reputation, network with other realtors across regions, expand their marketing avenues and save time, money and effort that would otherwise have gone into traditional marketing.

Facebook is among the most popular social media sites today. It filters out fake profiles so that its users can only interact with people who they know and trust. This makes Facebook a great resource for targeted advertising. Facebook Ads is a service that helps Realtors put out their ads to a selective audience targeted by age, location and other search tokens. Facebook Groups is also a great resource for Realtors to connect with potential clients and network with other Realtors to share information.

Linkedin is one of the best professional social media sites to promote content on. By creating long-form posts, you can then be followed by other users outside your connections and have the content appear in your connections news feeds. One great example of a realtor who does is is Than Merrill. Check out Than’s Linkedin to see some of his posts.

Twitter is another widely used social media site that is ideal for brand advertising. By limiting the tweets to a few characters, Twitter creates a higher chance that the tweet will reach and be read by a larger group of people. Many Realtors use Twitter to build their personal trust and credibility online. They often share their insights and useful tips on the market with their followers in the form of short and regular tweets. In the process, they establish their personal brand and expand their base of followers.

Twitter also facilitates instant messaging so that Realtors can engage with clients in real time, negotiate with them and even finalize a sale. It can all be with a series of tweets, replies, and direct messages. Twitter has numerous tools for real estate marketers to find potential clients. One of it is using geo-targeted ads where the Realtor can use the “location search” to find and connect with people within a specified region.

The Twitter “Hashtags” are another great way to find potential clients who share common interests. Real estate CEOs and marketing experts like Jonathan Miller have used Twitter to great effect to promote their brand and business.

Pinterest images are another great way to advertise real estate. The Boutique Real Estate Group created stunning picture boards of homes and properties around their local community and put them on Pinterest. Over time, they created 3000+ images and built a group of more than 30,000 followers. This resulted in generating a ton of traffic to their real estate website.