Kenya has been damaged by many years of drought. The people are suffering from hunger and in desperate need of assistance. There are organizations who truly care about the people and giving as much help as they possibly can.

Islamic Relief

Kenya’s climate is critical to their food supply. The combination of flooding and poor rainfall have badly damaged their harvests. There are approximately 1.3 million people who are far from secure in their food supply. This number is almost double what it was in 2016. This had led to malnutrition, illness, and death. This is predominant in the elderly, mothers and the children. Islamic Relief began working in Kenya in 1993. They are devoted to helping with the food crisis. Their campaigns have undoubtedly saved countless lives. Islamic Relief is an organization whose efforts are badly needed and they have already made an immense difference.

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger began helping Kenya in 2002. They aid with the health and nutrition of the people and have helped save the lives of children suffering from malnutrition. They have helped to strengthen the health systems in place and improved nutrition. They have made certain clean water is available, improved hygiene, stopped cholera from spreading and gave the communities in need quality care.

American Friends Of Kenya

American Friends of Kenya originally began to help a couple from Kenya living in Connecticut. They wanted to build libraries and schools in Kenya. Their neighbors and friends started a drive to collect books. Their visit to Kenya energized the couple. Now they wanted to be able to do even more. They accomplished their goal because currently consistent shipments of library materials, books, medical supplies and school supplies are sent to the clinics, hospitals, libraries and schools in Kenya. Numerous children in different provinces have been helped by their Orphan Sponsorship Program. Opportunities for the people with disabilities have been greatly expanded. Partnerships have been formed with reputable and honest organizations and people throughout Kenya, the United States and all over the world so common goals can be turned into actions. There are hundreds of volunteers worldwide who volunteer in the efforts to help Kenya including people from the United States and Australia.