The exciting new mobile application (app) Boatyard has partnered with IGY Marinas to make maritime fun so much easier. This innovative app is being launched at the IGY South Florida marina located at One Island Park in Miami Beach. Boatyard allows guests to easily schedule fuel deliveries, request captains, schedule routine maintenance, request a cleaning service, and many other boating preparation necessities.

Boatyard will allow guests to save time by cutting down waiting in line for boat preparation and scheduling by using this one-click managing tool. Using this app will allow more time for leisure and pleasure such as fishing, cruising, and swimming. By utilizing Boatyard guests will feel stress free and relaxed because all the errands and boat readiness tasks are taken care of with this user friendly app.

IGY Marinas is considered one the of largest international marina companies in the world and is continuously striving to give their customers the best and most convenient experiences available. It was founded by Andrew Farkas, who also serves as Chairman. By partnering with Boatyard, IGY Marinas has done just that. This sophisticated app will be preloaded on 5 devices available at the marina and is also available through iTunes for all Apple devices. Once the use of Boatyard at One Island Park marina has been perfected IGY Marinas intends to launch this easily mastered app at all of their locations worldwide.

As one of the worlds leading large-vessel support networks IGY Anchor Club Strategic Partners offers a variety of services, by using Boatyard they have created a fast and user friendly way to service all your maritime concerns in one easily mastered app.

Using Boatyard is a breeze, simply select “Marinas” and then “One Island Park” to begin ordering your services or utilize the payment capabilities. This exciting new app will revolutionize the leisure yacht industry by allowing cruisers to skip lines and have more fun. IGY Marinas is striving for excellence and with this interactive app they will marry luxury boating with up to date technology for a more efficient and exciting vacation.