New York City is known for its many interesting and ethnically diverse neighborhoods. But time and the changing economics of people in those communities had made those once showplace neighborhoods a sad shell of their former selves. But urban real estate developers have stepped in to give many of these historic New York neighborhoods new life. They have begun to transform rundown buildings into hip new dwellings with all the latest amenities. Many of the once woebegone neighborhoods now have a new modern look and feature quaint new eateries, lush greenspace and exciting entertainment destinations.

The revitalization of these historic urban communities is the result of the work New York real estate developers like Foster + Partners, Joe Sitt, Drake Design Associates, the Sorgente Group of America, L&M Development Partners and many others. Their development efforts have not only brought new life to these old neighborhoods, it has increased the tax base and property values and led to better infrastructure, schools and public services. They’ve helped to replace the signs of urban blight with safe, attractive properties where people want to live and build their businesses.

With all the changes being made in some of the older, beaten-down New York City neighborhoods, it has now become commonplace to see upwardly mobile young families and striving, well-to-do professionals moving into the apartments, condos and single family homes. They are helping to make these communities vibrant and prosperous once again. Nowadays you may even see A-list celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Lenny Kravitz and Jesse Eisenberg strolling or biking through those remade neighborhoods or discovering the swanky new cafes and hip, new bars and nightspots.

Innovative, visionary, New York City urban real estate developers have made many long-forgotten neighborhoods hot again. The young, old and everyone in between can now be seen enjoying life in cutting-edge new digs in once burnt-out and dilapidated neighborhoods. People are now eschewing the suburbs and flocking into these redeveloped older urban communities and making their homes there. It has helped to reinvigorate countless once-dead and drowsy New York City neighborhoods and improve the quality of life and the experiences people enjoy there.

Urban real estate development has made many old neighborhoods in New York City new, exciting and in vogue again. They now boast high-end boutiques, high-quality supermarkets, beautiful mixed-use properties and many things to see, do and enjoy. Welcome to the reimagined, redeveloped New York City.