Saving energy has many positives; it is good for the environment, good for the economy and saves you money. Various energy providers like Cunningham Energy, are doing their part to create the most environmentally effective solutions for the atmosphere. By following these tips you can help save energy this summer and make a positive impact.

To get the most optimal usage out of your air conditioner this summer, it is important to make sure that it is tuned and cleaned frequently. You can continue to clean the AC filters each month to ensure the quality of the air or you can even replace your filters monthly. If your central air conditioner is in good shape, than it will perform to its best ability, and will save you on the utilities bill.

A very simple solution for saving energy is to keep your drapes and blinds closed during the day, but open during the night. By keeping them closed during the day, you are eliminating some heat and helping to cool down your house. You can rely less on your air conditioner when you use a trick like this to cool down the house.

Another easy way to save energy this summer is by unplugging appliances when they are not being used. Rather than having to unplug them all individually, you can plug them all into a power strip and just turn off the power strip when the machines are not in use. When appliances are kept plugged in and on, they’re simply sucking up power and raising your electricity bill. To prevent this; unplug toasters, coffee makers, phone chargers and DVD players!

By making small strides this summer and following these simple tips, you will be on the way to living a more energy efficient lifestyle. By conserving energy you are making both your life and the atmosphere a much better place.