How to Hire Employees Who Help With Laundry Services

When looking for a high quality laundry service, most people will go with their first urge to just head down the street and have the local dry cleaners take care of everything. This can be a good source of convenience when you feel like there is no other option available to help with you and your company’s busy time schedule. But what if there were employees available that specialized in providing a top notch laundering service. While the mom and pop shop can be good for convenience, quality, competitive pricing, and meeting deadline guarantees could be an issue. Since a smaller shop makes their own rules, instead of following a code of conduct in the workplace, there could be some unforeseen issues dealing with a locally owned laundromat.

With Source America, their sole function is to provide high quality employees for businesses across the nation. Their employees are highly trained in numerous areas, depending on what skills you are seeking from varying levels of experience and backgrounds. They concentrate most on employing adults with disabilities who receive exemplary training before being set off into the work place.

Their services offered vary and include such laundry tech services as:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Apparel Pressing
  • Hospitality, personal apparel, and healthcare related textile laundering
  • Exchange and distribution of linen
  • Uniform Management
  • I.D. Marking for goods
  • Pick-up and delivery services
  • Use of barcode tracking system
  • Rough dry service (bed pads, towels, athletic, washcloths, heavy blankets, etc.)
  • Flat work service (sheets, pillow cases, etc.)

SourceAmerica are the industry specialists who offer you the knowledge and expertise of professionals trained in many areas of employment, including Electronic Recycling Services, Call Center and IT Services, Food Processing, and more. Laundry Services are one of the many types of professional services that employees seeking placement through SourceAmerica are trained extensively in. Quality meets value with employees who are willing to work with you in order to determine the best course of action to meet you and your company’s needs. Whether you are representing a hospice type company and require bedding and smocks to be cleaned daily or are a busy, single working mother who cannot make time to do the laundry for your family and are in need of quick services once a week, SourceAmerica is likely to have a solution for you.