There are many opportunities to support Middle Eastern countries and cultures through non-profit organizations in the United States. Islamic Relief Usa and these other organizations are dedicated to a diverse set of objectives, from peace keeping to healthcare to economic development. Below are four organizations which benefit communities in the Middle East.

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) is a humanitarian relief organization that provides medial services to children affected by conflict areas in the Middle East. PCRF conducts medical missions, as well as providing specialized pediatric cancer, cardiology, and rehabilitative care to needy children in the Middle East. The 25-year-old organization has been endorsed by President Jimmy Carter and Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Kids4Peace is an organization that operates camps and leadership programs for Palestinian, Israeli and North American youth. The organization aims to give young people the tools to communicate, resist violence, and influence others toward peace with the mission of ending conflict in divided societies. Kids4Peace was founded in Jerusalem in 2002, but has a second headquarters in Washington, DC.

Relief International
Relief International is an organization based in Washington, DC that addresses four main needs: education, health, economic opportunity, and sanitation/hygiene. Current projects in the Middle East include food distribution to impoverished communities in Yemen and Afghanistan, and a water-monitoring program for safe drinking water in Iraqi refugee camps. Relief International has been endorsed by the United Nations and the US Government, and celebrities such as Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin have participated in the organization’s relief missions.

United Muslim Relief
United Muslim Relief is an organization focused on providing access to clean water, healthcare, and social services such as orphan care and education in Muslim communities around the world. The organization is based in Alexandria, VA and has student chapters across the US to build student awareness about humanitarian issues around the world.