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How Urban Real Estate Development Is Helping NYC Neighborhoods

The revitalization of these historic urban communities is the result of the work New York real estate developers like Foster + Partners, Joe Sitt, Drake Design Associates, the Sorgente Group of America, L&M Development Partners and many others. Their development efforts have not only brought new life to these old neighborhoods, it has increased the tax base and property values and led to better infrastructure, schools and public services. They’ve helped to replace the signs of urban blight with safe, attractive properties where people want to live and build their businesses.

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Caribbean: Home of Duty Free Shopping

Grand Cayman is one of the best Cayman Islands shopping spots. In fact, the Camana Bay town center is one of the hot spots for great deals on this island

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What to Do in Grand Cayman When It Rains? 5 Activities to Keep You Entertained

One great thing to do in Grand Cayman is a visit to Camana Bay, a delightful waterfront town center. A short walk from Seven Mile Beach, Camana Bay offers shopping at their local artisan and farmers market as well as a wonderful array of local shops.

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