The Best Islamic Organizations to Follow on Pinterest

The ongoing migrant crisis in Europe really took off in 2015 when the stresses of civil war and other unrest within the world started to cause people to flee to Europe. The migrants and refugees show up undocumented and are fleeing from death and injury. The civil war in Syria is the cause behind Syrians fleeing to Europe. The majority of the migrants are coming from Syria.

People often use social media sites to share information about the migrant crisis. Facebook and Twitter are the primary sources that people use to share information and ways to help the migrant crisis. One other site that is being used to share information is the popular Pinterest social site that utilizes organized picture boards for people to share and gather information. Here are three of the best Pinterest profiles of Islamic organizations that create boards about the refugee crisis.

1.) The Islamic Relief USA
The Islamic Relief USA Pinterest profile has a variety of boards about ending suffering, illiteracy, hunger, and diseases for the people of the world. Islamic Relief has been active in helping those in need for the last 25 years.

2.) Women’s Refugee Commission
Women’s Refugee Commission Pinterest profile has boards about information on helping children and women during times of crisis. The Women’s Refugee Commission’s goal is to protect the rights and attempt to improve things for women and children who are suffering or are refugees.

3.) Refugee Art Project
The Refugee Art Project creates a voice for refugees with the use of art zines and art exhibits. Their Pinterest profile has a myriad of art about the refugee crisis as a part of the boards. There are also boards with information about the refugee crisis on the Refugee Art Project profile.

To view and follow any of these Pinterest profiles that are Islamic organizations, you need only make a Pinterest profile for yourself. You can log onto the Pinterest site with your Facebook profile. You may also create a profile exclusively for the Pinterest site if you do not have a Facebook profile or you want to keep it separated.