What is UAS, and Why Does It Matter?

UAS stands for Unmanned Aircraft System. Often in the form of a drone requiring proper paperwork and licensing to own and operate under U.S. FAA guidelines, this product and its related equipment can – and have already – done a great deal for our country. UAS items have a great future in store for them as they promise to be the next world of espionage; in fact, several top-secret missions are already making good use of such technology. It is all the rage among military personnel and, make no mistake, the very future of all intelligence operations.

What is This Special Event, and What’s It All About?

ADS, Inc.’s first annual UAS + Counter UAS Technology Industry Day, to be held on November 7th and 8th in Virginia Beach, VA, promises spectators,  potential industry clients and customers an informative and educational event. At least 8 one-hour educational seminars, along with countless live stream discussion events are scheduled back-to-back for these two days. Live demonstrations of each UAS product and type will commence as well.

Event Participants – Who All Will Be There?

This day and event is especially important for military contractors and suppliers simply because it allows them to stay updated on the latest reconnaissance or airstrike technology that will allow U.S. soldiers to more deeply penetrate enemy territory – or other hostile regions – without detection. At the same time, they could assess invaluable information from quite a distance while the technology within such systems allows for the information to immediately reach U.S. intelligence.

One could even live cam stream the footage gleamed directly to the CIA’s headquarters, for instance, during a special mission; this saves time as well. Top suppliers will include Aeryon Labs Inc., My Defence, Lockheed Martin, Rhode & Schwarz, Dedrone, AeroVironment, and Battelle. Do not miss out.