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New York Real Estate Names

New York City has over 500 commercial real-estate listings with well over 700 commercial properties for sale. It is for this fact that it takes a seasoned real-estate agent to find the right property for the right price for potential buyers.

There are thousands of real-estate agents in New York, and many of these are considered among the top names including Durst, Galbreath, Andrew Farkas and Silverstein, among others. Where does a buyer or seller start?

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Hedge Funds and their Benefit, Explained

Hedge funds have an investment manager who earns a profit based upon a private placement memo (PPM) that investors enter into. Investment managers work for firms like Gregg Hymowitz of EnTrust Capital, which oversee hedge fund investments. The PPM often pays investment managers based on a percentage that the hedge fund manages as well as an incentive for earning above a certain threshold (known as a carried interest). The performance of a hedge fund can vary widely based upon the quality of the hedge fund management as well as the timing of the entry into an investment by a hedge fund

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Working Hedge Fund Managers

Some well-known hedge fund firms include Bridegwater Associates, JPMorgan Asset Management, EnTrust Capital Fund of Funds co-founded by Gregg Hymowitz and BlueCrest Capital Management. Hedge fund managers primarily oversee their clients’ portfolios by tracking the stock market and correcting various risks via trading, they are also there to consult their clients by describing complex investment strategies and financial concepts

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Investors and their Customers

Movies like “Boiler Room” and “Wall Street” give investors like Alain Kodsi and the stock market itself a bad name. The majority of investors provide a vital service to their customers, and why not. Happy customers are repeat customers and they are the best form of advertising for brokers. Notable Stock Brokers Throughout the decades [&hellip

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